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Address Validation

The Project

Lower Funnel and Post-Order teams wanted to bring address validation functionality to the checkout experience to help reduce costs. Inaccurate addresses drove at least $40 million in costs and added friction to the end-to-end customer experience.


Create easy-to-understand content for address validation in checkout. Collaborate with product management, design, and research to cover all use cases.


My Role

Lead Content Designer

Guiding Facts & Principles

After meeting with product management, design, and engineering, we identified three different use cases for address validations:

  • Wrong address, but the back-end system found the right one.

  • Wrong address and the back-end system could not fight the right one.

  • Correct address but missing a unit number.


Based on brainstorming sessions with design and competitive analysis, we aimed for the experience to have a voice/tone that would grab the customer's attention while being helpful and concise.

How I Contributed

  1. Conducted a competitive analysis to determine which competitors had an address validation experience during checkout and how they communicated it.

  2. Created content for three address validation use cases a customer could interact with during checkout.



  • 10.24% decrease in wrong address rate

  • 0.61% decrease in order cancellations

  • $5 million in annual savings

We found a similar address

A customer would see this experience if they entered the wrong address, but our back-end system found the correct one.

We found a similar address.jpg
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