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Design Services Landing Page

The Project

Wayfair's Design Services team expanded the program to all of Wayfair's strategic brands, including All Modern, Birch Lane, Joss & Main, and Perigold. However, the landing page experience needed to be enhanced by improving the intake form to qualify better leads and adding inspirational content to give customers more confidence in submitting a request.



Revamp the virtual form and create new content for inspirational experiences on the Design Services landing page.


My Role

Lead Content Designer


Guiding Facts & Principles

  1. Some competitors provided project type options on their intake form to help customers determine the scope of their design project.

  2. The budget and project timeline were crucial for designers to determine the appropriate design tier and prepare for the initial consultation.

  3. A common challenge for customers was understanding their design project scope and communicating it with a designer.


How I Contributed

  1. Conducted a competitive analysis to discover how competitors framed their virtual form and how they influenced customers to submit a request.

  2. Collaborated with design and product management to improve the virtual form and craft new experiences to showcase the breadth of support for Design Services.



  • 18% increase in the form submission rate

  • 23% of customers who submitted a form selected an option in the budget field

  • 21% of customers who submitted a form selected an option in the timeline field

  • 57% of customers who visited the landing page engaged with the new inspirational content

Virtual Form

We revamped the virtual form to showcase the breadth of support Design Services can offer customers. We also included new budget and project timeline fields to help qualify leads and provide a more seamless experience for customers.

Virtual Form.png
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