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Scheduled Delivery

The Project


Wayfair planned to redesign and expand its scheduled delivery experience at checkout. This initiative's overall goal was to improve the experience of purchasing a large parcel item by allowing customers to choose a scheduled delivery option during checkout.



Create content that guides customers through scheduling their large parcel delivery before placing an order. Collaborate with product management, design, and research teams to create an intuitive experience that can be scaled to new categories (e.g., appliances) and markets (e.g., UK) in the future. Lastly, work with research to user test the experience before rolling out the new feature.


My Role

Lead Content Designer

Guiding Facts & Principles

  1. Previous research revealed that customers who receive a large parcel item before their scheduled delivery date experience had the same dissatisfaction as those who receive it late. Customers wanted the ability to choose a delivery date for larger, expensive items such as sectionals, vanities, dining room tables, etc.

  2. Past research showed that customers typically consider delivery options before they begin thinking about scheduling their delivery. 

  3. Customers consider anything over 35 lbs. heavy.


How I Contributed

  1. Conducted a competitive analysis to learn how, where, and when competitors frame their scheduled delivery experience.

  2. Created content for the scheduled delivery checkout experience in checkout. Additionally, I revamped the titles and descriptions for large parcel delivery options to make them more conversational, easier to understand, and better aligned with the delivery experience.

  3. Worked with research to user test the experience to ensure the content was easy to comprehend and follow during checkout.

  4. Helped QA the end-to-end experience. 



  • 1% increase in NPS

  • 3% increase in checkout conversion for items eligible for scheduled delivery

  • 6% increase in repeat order rate (customers who purchased a new order within 30 days of the initial order)


We implemented a new option for scheduled delivery on the app experience. Separating this option from the delivery option allows customers to choose their preferred delivery method and delivery date. 

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