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White Glove Delivery

The Project

Wayfair planned to offer its premium large parcel delivery option for free and scale it to more items across desktop, mobile, and app experiences. The overall goal of this initiative was to optimize the user experience for large parcel items, ensure customers received the best possible delivery experience, and improve conversion for large parcel items. 


Create a new title and description for Wayfair's premium delivery option. Partner with product management, design, and research to understand when customers start to think about delivery options in the shopping funnel and user test the experience to ensure customers understand the offering.


My Role

Lead Content Designer

Guiding Facts & Principles

  1. Previous research revealed that customers have a basic expectation that large parcel items should be delivered to a room of their choice, assembled, and all packaging removed. This expectation remained even if the customer opted for their item to be delivered outside their home or inside their entryway.

  2. Past research informed us that customers start considering delivery options on the product display page. 


How I Contributed

  1. Conducted a competitive analysis to learn how competitors message and position their premium delivery options throughout their shopping journey.

  2. Crafted new content for the name and description of the premium delivery option – keeping in mind this content would be used for Wayfair and its strategic brands: All Modern, Birch Lane, Joss & Main, and Perigold.

  3. Partnered with design to create a mockup for the end-to-end experience. 

  4. Worked with research to user test the experience to ensure customers understood the new content and felt confident about the offering.

  5. Helped QA the end-to-end experience before rolling it out to customers.  



  • 4.5% increase in conversion

  • 4.1% increase in revenue per session


We implemented a 'FREE White Glove Delivery' badge on the Browse page to help customers quickly identify which items are eligible for the offering. Our user test revealed that customers comprehended 'White Glove Delivery' and linked it with an effortless and stress-free experience. They also associated the gold color with it being a high-end service.

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